Regulate DHT Levels Naturally

DHT, short for Dihydrotestosterone, is a hormone known to cause many health diseases. This includes balding, acne, sleep apnea and high blood pressure. The production of DHT is triggered by environmental and hormonal factors of the body. In most cases, when the body produces excess testosterone, these will be converted by an enzyme known as 5-Alpha-Reductase.

High levels of DHT will then start to lead to some problems.

Fortunately, DHT can be reduced naturally through natural DHT blockers, adopting a healthier lifestyle and having a better diet. Here’s 3 main steps that you can carry out today to start lowering DHT levels in your body:

Use DHT Blockers

As complicated as it sounds, DHT blockers can be found in fruits and most would come in a natural form. Common and effective DHT blockers are things like rosemary oil, saw palmetto and pumpkin seed. Fruits that also contains Dihydrotestosterone blockers are mangoes, tomatoes and even watermelon. Check out the full list of DHT blocker here.

Avoid Stress and Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Stress have been shown to trigger DHT production. When you are stress, the body goes into aggression and produces even more testosterone to cope with the situation. As mentioned earlier, excess testosterone will actually be converted into Dihydrotestosterone. Simple lifestyle habits like sleeping and exercising more will help avoid high Dihydrotestosterone levels and withstand its effects.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Be sure to always have the basic nutrients and minerals that the body needs. More often than not, people get caught up in their daily obligations that they neglect a balanced meal. This makes them miss out on important nutrients like protein and vitamins. The end result? More prone to health diseases.

Specific minerals and vitamins that block DHT are Folic acid, Magnesium and protein. These helps eliminate the 5-Alpha-Reductase enzyme and help withstand the effects of DHT on your body such as your skin and hair. You can usually find these nutrients in lean meats, vegetables and beans.

In Summary…

The effects of DHT are horrifying. Some people end up bald and some are just at risk of high blood pressure. However, the old adage holds true: Prevention is better than cure. For as long as you carry out the 3 simple steps above, Dihydrotestosterone levels will remain low.

It will even reduce Dihydrotestosterone if you’re already at a high level of DHT in your body. Not to mention, most blockers and treatments are cheap and easily accessible. As you probably can see, most DHT blockers starts right at your local grocery. Otherwise, it’s all about carrying out a better daily regime and keeping yourself in a healthy state all the time.